Five-O Checklist


Five-O Frequently Asked Questions and Things You Should Know


·       You may only miss 4 classes

·       If you miss more than 4 classes you will have to start the program over

·       You must make up any classes missed

·       You may attend another class to do your make up, it does not need to be the exact lesson

·       You may write a one page essay on a driving safety related topic i.e. texting while driving or driving under the influence in lieu of 1 make up

·       If you receive a 90% or better on your final we will count that as a make up

·       Your profile page  reflects classes or BTW lessons that you missed,  it does NOT show classes you’ve made up

·       Make up’s are tracked on an attendance log kept for each individual class, which is audited along with the students file, by the Secretary of State’s office

·       You will receive a permit application when we have all of your required documentation and copies of  2 report cards showing 8 passing grades

·       In preparation for your permit test study the Rules of the Road book found on our website or the Secretary of State’s website.

·       To get your permit you must bring your permit application with you to the Secretary of State’s office

·       You should get your permit within the first 30 days of class and begin driving with your parents

·       We will activate your BTW when you have completed your classroom instruction and we have received a copy of your permit

·       You may text a copy of your permit to 847-774-6349 or give a copy to your instructor

·       We will send you an email with the guidelines and procedural instructions for booking BTW

·       The BTW schedule is posted on Saturday at 9 am for the following week Monday thru Sunday

·       We only book out (1)week in advance to avoid cancellations and No Shows

·       Students should book (2) BTW lessons each month

·       Those lessons cannot be booked within 7 days of each other

·       You should be practicing in between those lessons with your parents

·       You must call or email us in order to cancel a BTW appointment

·       We require 24 hour notice for BTW cancellations

·       You will be charged a $25.00 fee for any BTW No Shows or last minute cancellations

·       Your BTW will be deactivated until the $25.00 fee is paid

·       On average it takes 12 scheduled lessons to reach the 6 hours of driving/6 hours observation

·       You have 9 months to complete our program from day one of your classroom instruction

·       Do not wait until the end of those 9 months to complete your BTW because we cannot accelerate your program in order to finish on time

·       If you go past your 9 month contractual allotted time you will be charged a $300.00 fee and your account will be suspended

·       When the fee is paid we will give you an additional 9 months to complete your program

·       When you have completed your classroom instruction & BTW we will email you a Certificate of Completion and notify the Secretary of State’s office

·       We do not send  notification of completion  to your high school

·       You will only receive a Certificate of Completion if we have all of your required paperwork, you have made up any missed classes and you passed your final

·       Any outstanding balances must be paid before we will activate your BTW or send you a Certificate of Completion