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How many classes can I miss?

It is a State of Illinois Regulation that driver’s education students may only miss 4 classes, anymore and they’re required to start the program over again from lesson one. Even if the student makes up the classes immediately, they may still only miss FOUR. This includes attending a different class on the same day. There is no additional charge for our program if you are required to start over.

How do I make up classes?

There are no appointments necessary. The classes are timed based therefore students may attend any class currently in session at either the Arlington Heights or Palatine locations. Make sure to print and sign your name legibly on the attendance sheet to get credit for the make up class.

How long does it take to complete our entire Teen Program?

The 30 hours of classroom instruction is typically finished over the period of 4 weeks. The 12 hours of behind the wheel or (BTW) will begin after your classroom instruction as ended. You have 9 months from that point to finish the program. By booking 2 BTW lessons a month and practicing in bewteen time with your parents or gaurdian you should be completed in 6 months, well within the 9 month allotted time.

How old do I have to be to enroll?

14 year olds can enroll if they turn 15 prior to the classroom session's last day.

When can I get my instruction permit?

15 year olds can obtain their permit up to 30 days before their 1st class session.

When can I start driving on the street?

Teens with a permit can drive w/ parents immediately. Students can drive with us after they have finshed their 30 hours of classroom instruction.

How long do I have to complete your entire driver's education program?

Teens must complete all Five-O classes & driving lessons within 9 months from the last day of their classroom session.

Is there a general class checklist and policy checklist and things we should know?

Yes, you can find that here:



How much driving do you provide?

Teens get 6 hours driving and 6 hours observing other students for a total of 12 hours.

Can additional driving hours eliminate some or all observation time?

Yes, solo (waivered) IE: 8 hours driving replaces all 6 hours of observation.

How long must my permit be active before I can get my driver's license?

Teens must hold their permit for 9 months before testing for their license.

How long are the driving lessons?

Teens have 60 or 90 minute BTW's in a group session which is divided equally between them.

What's the longest I can drive with an instructor?

Teens have a 120 minute limit per day in a solo session (waiver)

How long do I have to drive with my parent/guardian?

Teens must provide proof of 50 hours of driving with a parent/guardian.

Can I take my driver's license test today?

The link below allows students (commercial schools driver education or high school driver education) to check their eligibility to apply for a driver's license, having completed a requisite driver education course.


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